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Yes Chad, also known as Nordic Gamer, refers to a drawn image of a blond man with blue eyes often wearing a beard, usually captioned "Yes" and to the original Wojak Comics format based on the character.

The image is a subformat of Nordic / Mediterranean 4chan meme and originated on Twitter in early August 2019. The image has been used as a reaction and an exploitable on Twitter, 4chan and other online platforms, usually used to debase those attempting to mock or bully a person for their personal traits or interests.



On August 1st, 2019, Twitter user @yachs_91 posted an image combining an instance of Grayons meme and a variation of Nordic / Mediterranean exploitable (shown below).[1] The tweet gained over 230 retweets and 930 likes in one month.


In the following days, the image received notable spread on Twitter as an exploitable and a reaction, with some instances of the meme also spreading to 4chan. For example, on August 2nd, 2019, Twitter user @C0atThe posted a meme based on the exploitable which gained over 30 retweets and 170 likes (shown below, left).[2] On August 27th, 2019, Twitter user @joerogarn posted a variation of the meme which gained over 540 retweets and 2,400 likes (shown below, right).[3]

In the following weeks, more variations of the meme appeared on Twitter, 4chan, Reddit and other platforms, with the original image used both as a reaction and an exploitable.

Trad Girl

Trad Girl is a female Wojak variation meant to represent traditional values which often appears alongside Nordic in Yes Chad memes.


Soyjaks vs. Chads

Soyjaks vs. Chads, also knowns as Other Anime Spoiler and Other Game Leaks, refers to a Yes Chad-type format in which various subjects are compared via conversations between Soyjaks and between two Chads. In the format, Soyjak gets disappointed with certain something about his fandom, while Chad accepts the failings and drawbacks of his fandom or laughs at them.

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External References

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