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They're Good Dogs Brent is a quote from Twitter account @dog_rates during a celebrated exchange in which the account shut down a person taking issue with their rating system.



The Twitter account We Rate Dogs (@dog_rates) is devoted to humorously reviewing pictures of dogs doing adorable poses, often giving them scores above 10/10. It has acquired more than 7 million followers since its debut. On September 12th, 2016, Twitter user @brant[1] took issue with the account's rating system, tweeting @dog_rates to tell them it didn't make any sense. @dog_rates replied with "they're good dogs Brent," purposefully misspelling @brant's name (shown below).


The exchange was an instant hit. A screenshot of the exchange was tweeted by @Braydenominator[3] that day and gained over 57,000 retweets as of February 2017. Mashable[2] and Elite Daily[4] both posted articles about the exchange the following day. Meanwhile, Twitter users began replying in the thread with various different memes using the quote. One of the more popular examples, posted by @ManOfPiePants,[5] applied it to the Carl meme (shown below).

The exchange was also a massive success for the @dog_rates account. According to an article by The Washington Post,[6] which called "They're Good Dogs, Brent" one of the best memes of 2016, the account gained 50,000 followers as a result of the exchange. @dog_rates has also created a t-shirt and coffee mug it sells with the phrase on them.[7] @Brant has since been the target of good-natured ribbing on Twitter since the exchange, but has taken the meme in stride, putting "They're good dogs Brent" on his wedding cake.

As of February 2017, "They're Good Dogs, Brent" remains a popular phrase used to talk about dogs on Twitter.

Brant's Dog Charlie

On July 23rd, 2018, WeRateDogs posted a direct message conversation with @Brant, in which he asks the account to review his new Havanese dog Charlie. The dog was rated a "14/10" along with the message "you've got a good dog, Brent" (shown below). In less than 24 hours, the tweet gained over 92,700 likes and 16,500 retweets.

That day, a Moments[8] page titled "Remember the man from 'they're good dogs Brent?' He got a dog 🐶" was created, highlighting notable reactions to the tweet.


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