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Steven Crowder's "Change My Mind" Campus Sign is a photograph of American-Canadian conservative podcaster Steven Crowder seated behind a sign that reads "Male Privilege is a myth / Change My Mind" outside of Texas Christian University. Since its upload via Crowder's Twitter account in February 2018, the photograph has been turned into an exploitable template for online parodies.


On February 16th, 2018, comedian Steven Crowder tweeted[1] a picture of himself seated behind a sign that reads "Male privilege is a myth / Change my mind" and the caption, "Hello @TCU. Come one come all. #ChangeMyMind." The picture is part of Crowder's podcast and YouTube in which he attempts to have people with opposing viewpoints convince him of various issues. The post (shown below) received more than 900 retweets and 6,400 likes in four days.


Shortly after Crowder posted the image, on February 18th, people began photoshopping different images on to the photograph. Twitter[2] user @Whatchamccaulit replaced Crowder's head with Crying Michael Jordan (shown below, left). Twitter[3] user @IanWhetstone tweeted the image with the sign changed to read "The clitoris is a myth / Change my mind" (shown below, center).

On February 19th, Twitter[4] user @RealishKyle tweeted the image with the sign photoshopped to read "Gonna drink this mug of Hot Piss / Change my mind." The post (shown below, right) received more than 200 retweets and 1,500 likes.

That day, Redditors on the /r/dankmemes subreddit began posting photoshops of the image. Redditor[5] xereeto posted a version that reads "Traps are not gay / Change my mind." The post (shown below) received more than 5,000 points (98% upvoted) and 120 comments in 24 hours.

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FYI, this isn't related to the meme, per se, but Crowder will probably be getting banned because youtube is bullshit and censors conservatives oh, sorry, because he used "harassing language" towards a Vox person (he's a comedian, by the way. my position is that comedians should be free to say whatever they want even if people don't think it's funny)



Not just comedians but everyone. Freedom of speech my nigger


I Write Comments

I don't know why but this felt like a forced meme back then in 2018. But, I don't feel the same thing, now.



The top comment didn't age that well.



this is so sad
can we add editable comments



sounds like one kind an offensive meem

aka a meem used to offend / trigger someone



I thought this meme was about making fun of hot takes, not people who want to debate.


Dr. Pants

Male privilege might not be a myth, but basic human decency sure as hell is.


Some Buddy

Wait, which mod chose this?



Why are political YouTubers like Steve Crowder, Sargon, and Razorfist so insufferable?



How else would they get partnered by YouTube..? They seem to really like insufferable people above anyone else now.



That's for left leaning insufferable people only, Crowder's commiting wrong think youtube don't like that.



Because you disagree with their politics?


Mr. Aziz the Pizza Parlor

Another "things i don't like" meme huh?


The 'best girl' discussion isn't slowly becoming toxic and deplorable over time and because of it enjoying some sort of it becomes harder, it's already a toxic and deplorable kind of discussion to begin with solely by it's concept of comparing your waifu to another and declare superiority while despise the rest. It's there as a leverage to spread hate and get away with it, and is never meant to be enjoyed to begin with.
You can't change my mind.



This feels more like a variation on the "unpopular opinion puffin"



Nearly all of today’s politicians are man-children
Change my mind



They’re still woman children.
My point still stands