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Origin: Germany
Year: 2012
Type: Vlogger

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Drachenlord is the public persona of Rainer Winkler, a heavy metal-enthusiast, German YouTuber and video game streamer. The subject of numerous trolling campaigns, Drachenlord has been both viewed with enjoyment and derision online. His channel has been shut down numerous times for allegedly posting inappropriate and pornographic material, while viewers have criticized him for his content, which typically includes personal information about himself, such as his home address. He has been referred to as "Germany's Most Hated YouTuber."

Online History

On August 10th, 2011, Winkler launched his YouTube account "DrachenLord1510."[1]

The following year, on July 1st, 2012, Winkler published his first video, a dedication to his deceased father Rudi.[2] The video has since been deleted (mirror below).

Two days later, Winkler launched his first Let's Play channel with a video announcement (mirror below, left).[3]

On September 13th, 2013, Drachen Lord opens an online forum and introduces it with a video (mirror below, right).


Home Address Reveal

In 2014, an anonymous troll sent Winkler's sister a threatening message using a text-to-speech message.[7] In response, on February 5th, 2014, Winkler responded by challenging the sender to a fight, giving them his home address (mirror below).


Following the release of his name, YouTube trolls engage in a challenge known as "The Dragon Game," which is what trolls call engaging with him. Later, the game expanded to "The Pilgrimmage" in which they travel to Winkler's home and harass him.

On August 21st, 2018, the German media outlet The Local[5] reported that 150 "teenage nerds" descended on Winkler's home. They wrote, " According to the Münchner Merkur, Drachenlord (real name Rainer W.) had incited the anger of online 'haters' through his provocative videos. He had then made the foolhardy decision to post his address online and challenge his enemies to come and sort out their differences with him in person." The event has been referred to as "Schanzenfest" (video below).[6]



Winkler's videos and his response to criticism has been the subject of mocking memes. Some refer to him as "Germany's most-hated YouTuber." Trolls and "haters," as Winkler refers to him, frequently harass him, throwing rocks and shooting fireworks at his home, which frequently happens during his live streams.

On September 26th, 2015. Redditor [4] KaiSuki wrote in a thread about one of Drachenlord's videos:

"The guy in this video, "Drachenlord" (Dragonlord) is legendary in (Internet-)Germany. He's the german equivilant of chris-chan.

In this videos he is interviewed by another german youtuber which claimed to be a fan of him. (He is really paranoid towards "fans/haters" and physically attacked multiple people that came close to his house)

His dad, who never wanted hi to have access to the internet, left him and his mother and sister this house. Half a year later He managed to make his mother and sister flee the house and since then the adventures of "Drachenlord" ensued. The things and stories that happen since 2011 are way to voluminous to list them all here, but be ensured he's as neckbeardy as it gets..

On October 19th, 2016, YouTuber Superdumpfback shared a Hitler Downfall Remix that featured him (shown below).

On June 15th, 2018, Winkler was the subject of a video by YouTuber Count Dankula. Within two years, the video received more than 1.3 million views (shown below, left).

The following year, Count Dankula released a followup video for Drachenlord. The post received more than 580,000 views in less than three months (shown below, right).

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