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Murrlogic1's Wonder Bread Fetish DeviantArt Commissions, also referred to as DeviantArt Wonder Bread guy, is an internet personality who has commissioned animations of rich women shopping for many loaves of Wonder Bread. He has also commissioned artists to create pictures of women destroying forests and filling up their Hummers with gasoline. Murrlogic has been in conversation with artists and commentators on KiwiFarms and Reddit since 2016.


On March 18th, 2016, Murrlogic1[11] uploaded one of their first images to DeviantArt[1] titled "A gated White Bread community" (show below). He describes the image in a post saying,

Asami and Winter decide to create gender roles for themselves. Winter stays at home and does all the cooking and cleaning HOWEVER since that is a huge job she also has the authority to intimidate, abuse, and berate all the other slaves who do that anyway. Winter just wants extra brownie points. Meanwhile, Asami begins to treat Winter not as a person but as property as she frequently demands her to work around the clock nonstop to fulfill her every first world problem

For instance, Asami has the food palette of a 5 year old. She refuses to eat anything that isn't spongy and soft like Bleached factory sliced Wonder bread. She also wants her white bread drenched in mayonnaise to help fulfill that stereotype of being a white supremicist who wishes to exterminate all the subhuman water benders (Korra being on that list.)

Winter obediently begins production of hundreds of Wonder Bread Sandwich factories tirelessly pumping the air around them with copious amounts of Co2.


In 2016 and 2017, murrlogic1 continued to commission thousands of dollars worth of art pieces involving Wonder Bread. For example, on September 30th, 2017, Murrlogic1 posted a commissioned work to DeviantArt[2] which featured two blonde-haired white women at a "$andwich Land" theme park and a "deforestation roller-coaster" (shown below).

On March 3rd, 2018, Tumblr[3] user joyfulattic claimed to know and have spoken to murrlogic1 and wrote in a a post that:

He absolutely was not just a normal guy with a weird kink. This shit was his life pretty much.
He had lots of talk about consumerism, slavery, and capitalism and why there were all good things. Almost to the point of a religion to him. He tried talking to me about his commission of a comic of, I believe, Asami cutting down a rainforest and industrializing it, and like weird undertone of loving sandwhiches. Everything he talked about in this aspect came down to sandwhiches with him.
He has spent thousands of dollars if not more on commissions for
Asami abusing Korra
Asami owning a sandwich factory and slave labor
Blonde women own sandwhich factories and cutting down large expanses of forests
And the list goes on to other really strange stuff, but none of it inherently sexual
The only time I’ve known something sexual was his commission for shadman, which was, to the best of my memory, him asking Shadman to draw Korra and Asami abuse porn with like focus on Korra having a limp dick, that’s the most I remember from the screenshots he showed of his conversation with shadman, which he did show off and talk about how unprofessional shadman was for refusing to draw his commission.
The way he fucking talks is just something mind blowing to see a man this far stuck in his own little hole.
On a more dark and serious subject, he has been fired from his job and possibly disowned from his family for this kinda stuff. He talked about assaulting, sexually assaulting, and insulting the race or sexuality of his coworkers. People caught on he was kinda fucked up, and emailed his boss over that stuff and got him fired. I got to watch as he complained about it and the entire forum that he was on talking about it blew up for a good solid 2 hours over how fucked up this guy is for thinking he did nothing wrong, and him insulting everyone. It was absolutely bonkers.
Please do not give Murrlogic commissions, his money isn’t worth being associated with this man. Over all he is a very disgusting person and while it’s fun to point and laugh, he is really not someone who should be given the time of day.

Over the next few years, Murrlogic1 conducted AMAs both on Reddit[6] and DeviantArt[4] in which he discussed his attraction to the themes vaguely.

"My 1st job I had was at a job called Bounty Farm which was funded and supervised by an organization referred to as "Petaluma People Services Center."I met my now Ex-GF at this place. When I was finally ready to go to her old apartment in Rohnert Park and she let me touch her tits while we watched Howl's Moving Castle they reminded me of Wonder Bread since I was trying to pinpoint what the texture of breasts reminded me of the most and Wonder Bread came the closest."

On March 8th, 2018, Scared Sheep revealed the Wonder Bread Guy to be Michael McKay of Santa Rosa California in a KiwiFarms[5] forum. Murrlogic1 then responded to the thread using the name Damien6.[10]

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