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Confused Travolta is an animated GIF series featuring a cutout of actor John Travolta in the 1994 black comedy crime film Pulp Fiction edited into other base images of various contexts.


On November 17th, 2012, Imgur[5] user karmafrappuccino posted a reaction GIF of the Pulp Fiction character Vincent Vega (played by John Travolta) looking around a room while being spoken to over an intercom by the character Mia Wallace (shown below).

On November 6th, Imgur[2] user ILikeToWonkaMyWilly uploaded a Confused Travolta GIF in a supermarket toy aisle (shown below). Within ten days, the post gained over 2.8 million views, 12,600 points and 370 comments.


The following day, ILikeToWonkaMyWilly posted a tutorial for making Confused Travolta GIFs using Sony Vegas Pro software and provided a GIF of Travolta in front of a green background (shown below).[4]

Also on November 7th, Imgur user danoone submitted a GIF titled "MRW no one tells me the class is canceled," in which the Travolta GIF is edited into a photograph of an empty classroom (shown below). In the first nine days, the GIF received upwards of 870,000 views and 10,500 points.

On November 8th, the /r/ConfusedTravolta[1] subreddit was launched for notable examples from the GIF series. The following day, YouTuber Burt Rutherford uploaded a video titled "Return of the Confused Travolta," featuring the Confused Travolta animation and a clip from the Shia LaBeouf motivational video edited into a scene from the 1983 science fiction film Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (shown below).

On November 10th, Imgur[3] published a blog post about the animated GIF series, featuring several notable examples uploaded to the image-sharing site. In the coming days, the news sites The Daily Star[6] and Brilio[7] posted articles about the Confused Travlota GIFs.

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John Travolta just acts really cool..



+1 confirm, seeing this a lot recently.



It's now a game on Newgrounds!



Confused Travolta teleportation fail:



It should be called "Vexed Vincent Vega".



Travolta gif version optimized for white backgrounds like on this website:

I'm also going to post my version of the cutout which has transparency intact so you don't need to fiddle with the chroma keyer- just drag and drop and change the alpha mode. I'm working on a demo to show this and also show how I made it within After Effects and how you can export your own videos which have transparency intact, similar to how the Video Copilot action essentials resources work.



Now this is pretty funny


Yuri V

Travolta is confused why this is not confirmed yet.



+1 confirm

these get really really funny.



“I don’t get it. There was a sign outside that said there was a Dead N***er Storage inside.”



We had a place in my city called DNS Storage. They rebranded as "storage king" a while back, i wonder if they got sick of people asking what the DNS stood for.