Bernie Sanders, Lord of the Memes in the 2016 Election, has maintained a strong meme presence during the 2020 Democratic Primary. As he's rolled out bold policy positions that include free public college and accessible, high speed internet for all, he has perhaps taken his boldest position yet: Cats can have a little salami.

An internet-savvy Sanders fan purchased the domain for a tongue-in-cheek ad for the Democratic primary candidate. The link shows a picture of Sanders with his position on the issue of whether of not cats can have a little salami. "I’m running for president so that every cat can have a little salami, regardless of their income or where they were born," says the ad. "Together, we can give a little salami to every cat in America." The site also has a link where one can volunteer for Sanders' campaign.

The fine print of the page says the site is not affiliated with the campaign, along with the hashtag #NotMeowUs, a play on the campaign's hashtag, #NotMeUs. Meanwhile, the other Democratic candidates have yet to weigh in on this pressing issue. Your silence is deafening, candidates!

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Cats Can Have a Little Salami
Bernie Sanders

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Somewhat cringy but still better than 90% of the memes put out by political campaigns.