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Florida Man is a Twitter feed that curates news headline descriptions of bizarre domestic incidents involving a male subject residing in the state of Florida. The tweets are meant to be humorously read as if they were perpetrated by a single individual dubbed “the world’s worst superhero.”


The @_FloridaMan Twitter feed was launched on January 26th, 2013, which featured news headlines containing the keywords "Florida man." Within one month, the account received over 64,000 followers.


Fark gave Florida it's own tag in 2005 due to a high volume of news items submitted to the site from Florida.[31]


On January 30th, 2013, Redditor Deus_Ex_Corde submitted a post titled “Florida Man is a terrible superhero”[4] featuring a screenshot of Google News search results for news stories containing the keywords “Florida Man.” (shown below). Within one month, the post received over 22,700 up votes and 360 comments.

On January 31st, the /r/FloridaMan[3] subreddit was created with links to news articles containing the words “Florida Man” in the title. The same day, the Tumblr blog StuckInABucket[5] published a list of notable “Florida Man” news headlines, which accumulated more than 200 notes in the next month. On February 8th, Slate[9] published an article noting that the @_FloridaMan profile avatar was a mug shot of Indiana resident Ricky Lee Kalichun, who was arrested in January of 2011 after covering his face in black marker and attacking his neighbor with a sword.[10] In the next several days, compilations of notable tweets from the Twitter account were featured on several Internet news and tech blogs, including The Daily Dot,[8] Laughing Squid,[11]Gawker,[12]Mashable[13] and BuzzFeed.[14] On February 14th, NPR[15] broadcast a news segment on “All Things Considered,” featuring audio clips of reporters reading headlines containing “Florida man.”


On February 2nd, 2015, filmmaker Sean Dunne released a documentary titled "Florida Man," which features interviews with eccentric Florida residents (shown below).

In an interview with indie film blog Directors Notes,[30] Dunne revealed that the documentary was inspired by a mushroom trip with the film's producer and cinematographer, as well as the Surveillance Camera Man video series.


On March 10th, 2015, the Orlando Sentinel[23] reported that the Tampa-based craft brewery company Cigar City Brewing[25] has launched a beer brand named “Florida Man Double IPA" in tribute to the meme, with the bottle packaging featuring a photoshopped image of Ricky Lee Kalichun’s[24] mugshot from @_FloridaMan's Twitter profile picture (shown below). According to the brewery's spokesperson, the microbrew has "a bright citrusy hop character" with hints of piney resin, apricot, peach, orange and lemon on a solid malt background. In the coming days, several other news sites reported on the release of the new beer, including NY Daily News,[26]CNNMoney,[27] Tech Times[28] and Mashable.[29]

Fan Art

Several fan art illustrations dedicated to the fictitious superhero have surfaced on the microblogging site Tumblr under the tag "#florida man."[16]


Colombian Man

Shortly after the viral takeoff of @_FloridaMan in late February, screenshots and tweets of headlines describing bizzarre news stories about a Colombian man began emerging on Twitter and Tumblr. On February 28th, 2013, Tumblr blogger RedSuspenders[20] posted an image compilation of "Colombian Man" headlines (shown below), which went onto receive more than 36,600 notes within less than a week. Throughout the first week of March, the image was reposted on Reddit and WeKnowMemes.

Drunk Humans

On February 20th, Twitter account @Drunk_Humans[21] was created to provide the latest updates on police news reports and offbeat stories involving individuals described as "drunk man" or "drunk woman."

Shirtless Man

On March 16th, Twitter accout @Shirtless_Man[22] was launched in similar vein of the previous accounts, which gained more than 6,100 followers in less than two weeks. On March 28th, The Daily Dot[23] published an article about the spin-off account.

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Fun fact: Florida gets this bad rep, ironically, because of a very progressive law that no other state has, Chapter 119 of the Florida Statutes, usually called the open records law. Simply put, virtually every single government record is supposed to be made public. Mug shots, 911 calls, police reports, the whole nine yards, which provides the world with plenty of comedy at the expense of Floridian taxpayers' dime.


Captain Alliance

Honestly, Florida is just the Australia of the U.S.



reminds me of a certain video


Jon the Wizard

Let us sing in tribute to the greatest unsung comedy hero of our era, Florida Man!

(To the tune of O! Canada!)

O! Florida!
A southern drunken land!
Let's all get nude!
Because God's son commands!
We've filled our bras
With strange gew-gaws!
In the true South,
Mad and free!
With chainsaws in hand,
O! Florida!
We snort bath salts for thee!
God so commands
We get naked and party!
O! Florida!
We loose our tops for thee!
O! Florida!
We'll destroy the world for thee!



Let me just say, as a Floridian, that every single thing that the Internet thinks about Florida is 487% accurate



I'm a Floridian and to me, there's like, no noticeable crime where I live in Florida.


JoeBob Whitney

Same here. It all depends on where you live in Florida. DeLand is a really nice place (it was ranked the number one nicest historical district in the US, after all) so crime is pretty low. I live a few houses down from what I'm like ninety-nine percent sure is a drughouse but they've never bothered me none.



To re-use an old comment of mine:

Florida Man is basically Keith from L4D2.



this one time, my buddy keith got arrested for giving people wedgies



Florida Man strikes again!



I just found out about Colombian man, and I gotta say I'm very glad I found some a new place to get insane headlines from.